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Professional Experience

Every entry provides a glimpse of my duties for each position. If you have any inquiries or would like to explore any specific aspect further, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Unreal Engineer



In this highly challenging project, I had the privilege of serving as the sole senior engineer in a team comprised of engineering principles. This unique opportunity provided invaluable perspective on the extent to which I could further enhance my skills.

Throughout the project, I had the opportunity to showcase my versatile skill set, akin to a Swiss Army knife, operating at an advanced level. The tasks were multifaceted, encompassing engine development, UI design, animation, custom tooling, 3D space tracking, settings configuration, rendering, and more. This project pushed my capabilities to their limits and beyond, allowing me to demonstrate the full extent of my expertise.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Code Miko, an exceptional developer and individual who played a pivotal role in orchestrating this complex endeavour, and to Michael Allar, for generously mentoring me throughout this experience.

Accessibility Engineer

Consultation & Support


Having deepened my expertise in accessibility, core engine systems, and engineering, I made the strategic decision to extend my services as a consultant to a diverse range of companies, both within and beyond the realm of game development. My consultancy offerings span from enhancing games' accessibility to optimizing websites for improved user experiences.

This field is a constantly evolving domain, and I am committed to continuous growth and learning within it. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to this ever-expanding discipline. Notably, I've had the privilege of collaborating with outstanding organizations, such as GameTextures

Unreal Engineer

Meta Gaming


I played a pivotal role in a startup project focused on prototyping a PvE battle royale game. My primary focus was on leveraging the Unreal Engine's Gameplay Ability System framework to create a robust gaming experience.

This project marked a significant milestone in my career, as it was my first experience requiring effective communication of technical requirements to non-gaming professionals. This experience was instrumental in honing my communication skills and adeptly managing team dynamics and conflicts.

Training Arc

Studying, Reading, building Engineering skills


I made a deliberate decision to redirect my career towards software engineering. Over a span of approximately two years, I devoted myself entirely to cultivating and honing my engineering expertise. This intensive period involved the development of applications, meticulous examination of codebases, deep dives into engine code, extensive reading of engineering literature, and invaluable tutoring from exceptionally knowledgeable engineers.

I want to extend my gratitude to my engineer friends at Epic and the Unreal Slackers community, who played a pivotal role in guiding and shaping my skill set during this transformative journey.

Unreal Engineer & Team Manager

Psychedelic Games


In this engaging project, I joined the team just prior to the commencement of team hiring activities. I took on the crucial role of contributing to the establishment of core team members, overseeing budgeting, and actively participating in the interview process.

The project posed several intricate engineering challenges that required meticulous planning. These challenges encompassed areas such as runtime content loading, content distribution, and the development of custom editor tooling.

In addition to my core engineering responsibilities, this project provided significant personal and professional growth. I expanded my skill set to include proficient team meeting management, interviewing expertise, and collaboration with non-game engineers responsible for custom backend development.

Gameplay design & animation programmer

FreeLance, Contracts, startup


Over the course of a year, I dedicated a significant portion of my time to freelance work in order to gain a foothold in the industry, enhance my skill set, and, most notably, define my area of specialization.

One pivotal aspect of this journey was learning how to effectively convey programming concepts to individuals without a programming background. This skill has proven invaluable in my career development.


City of Liverpool college university Centre


"I dedicated three years to my university education, focusing on a diverse spectrum of game development skills, with a primary emphasis on Unreal Engine, Autodesk Maya, and Photoshop. During this time, I developed a strong foundation in pipeline workflows for creating game-ready assets, which enriched my understanding of animation and material systems.

My aptitude for teaching became evident as I provided support for lower-level classes and offered lessons. Although I was offered a career path as a university teacher, I made the deliberate choice to immerse myself in the industry.

Additionally, it was during this academic journey that I first encountered gamers with accessibility needs, which sparked my journey toward a career in accessibility engineering.

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